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Painting With Wool Kit For Kids

Lullubee, Inc.


Discover the enjoyable and unique artistic technique of painting with wool! The Painting with Wool Needle Felting Kit is fun and easy to do; with easy to follow instructions. Painting with wool involves needle felting (poking) wool onto a flat felt "canvas" with a special needle-no water is involved in this technique.  This kit is suitable for children 8 years and older. Please supervise children; the needles are very sharp.

We make it easy for you to create interesting, high quality craft projects. We design the project, source the materials, create the tutorials (see a sample tutorial), leaving you the fun part!

SAFETY: Please supervise your children while crafting. Felting needles are very sharp!

Craft to it!

What Comes In Your Box                                                 

  • felt 
  • sponge 
  • felting needles
  • wool
  • tutorial

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