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Needle Felting 101 Tutorial PDF



This pdf needle felting book was written by Lullubee's needle felting artist Laura Lee Burch; it comes with 13 photo-illustrated pages of the best tips and tricks for getting you started with the fantastic craft of needle felting.  

Needle felting is an art form of sculpting raw wool with special needles or flat felting it into pictures or wool drawings. The barbs of the needles mesh the wool fibers together, creating a firm and strong form. Needle felted pieces make great toys, puppets, dolls, bags, wall hangings, jewelry and sculptures because of their durability and the natural texture of the wool. Great detail can be obtained in needle felting, its' fun and addicting!

This book will be emailed to you in 24 hours, in a PDF file.

lullubee craft kits are a great way to spend your time!

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