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Needle Felted Gingerbread Men Ornaments



These sweet little Christmas ornaments make perfect gift toppers and they also make GREAT GIFTS! Using a cookie cutter to create the gingerbread shapes makes it easier to make multiple gingerbread girls and boys that are the same size.

 The Needle Felted Gingerbread Men Ornament Kit includes materials to make (2)Gingerbread Men by needle felting; this kit is for beginners and comes with detailed instructions. Needle felting is an art form of sculpting raw wool with special needles. The barbs of the needles mesh the wool fibers together, creating a firm and strong form. Needle felted pieces make great toys, puppets and dolls because of their durability and the natural textures of the wool. 

 We make it easy for you to create interesting, high quality craft projects. We design the project, source the materials, create the tutorials (see a sample tutorial), leaving you the fun part! - For 13 years and older.

The craft materials in your kit are subject to availability; they may not be exactly as they appear in the photo.

SAFETY: Please supervise your children while crafting. Felting needles are very sharp!

SAFETY: Please supervise your children while crafting. Beads and other small objects can cause choking.

Craft to it!

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