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Painting With Wool Kit

Lullubee, Inc.


Discover the enjoyable and unique artistic technique of painting with wool! The Painting with Wool Needle Felting Kit is fun and easy to do; with easy to follow instructions you can create a lovely bouquet of yellow roses in a white vase. Painting with wool involves needle felting (poking) wool onto a flat, felt "canvas" with a special needle-no water is involved in this technique. Trace the outline of the painting onto the felt, poke the colored wool into the felt "canvas" - the wool is easy to remove or felt over it if you wish to change a part of your wool painting; create a piece of art that resembles a water color painting or a pastel drawing. The mat and frame are not included. This kit is suitable for children 13 years and older, teens, adults and seniors. Please supervise children; the needles are very sharp.

What Comes In Your Box - Painting With Wool - Adult Kit                                                        

  • felt 
  • sponge 
  • felting needles
  • wool
  • tutorial
  • tracing paper 


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