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About lullubee

1. What is lullubee?

We make it easy for you to create interesting, high quality crafts. We design the project, source the materials, create the tutorials, leaving you the fun part! You can buy ready-to-make craft kits, or you can buy a monthly subscription in which you get a craft project at your doorstep every month. Craft to it!

2. Craft of the Month Club - 

Learn new craft techniques, receive quality hard to find art supplies and experience the thrill of lullubee craft kits every month!

We supply ideas, inspiration, supplies, easy to understand instructions, and free shipping. For adults, teens, and seniors, lullubee craft kits are a great way to spend your time!


Our Story

lullubee was founded in 2012 by Tiffany Dekel and Laura Burch, after they realized that there are many people who want to create beautiful handmade crafts and jewelry, or who want their children and grandchildren to enjoy the pleasures of creating things with their own hands, but either don't have the time or don't know where to start. 

Laura is a craft artist who has run her own design studio and children's boutique, and has published several books on creating handmade gifts. Laura also sells her toys and needle felted sculptures on her Etsy store, and teaches needle felting. Laura remembers creating handcrafted presents for her family and friends as a child, and is the kind of person that is awestruck by visiting craft stores, flea markets, and antique stores. Her home is full of handmade objects from painted chairs, to rugs, to teddy bear blankets, to craft supplies and tools like paint brushes, drawers full of wires and beads, drills and handsaws.

Tiffany is a designer, crafter, and internet entrepreneur. Tiffany met Laura while taking a class Laura taught on needle felting. Their shared passion for crafting and entrepreneurship make them an ideal match, and lullubee represents their shared vision. 

Based in New York City, lullubee aims to bring the pleasures of creating beautiful handmade objects to people around the world.

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