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Street art is all around us in the city; you may refer to it as graffiti or vandalism. Graffiti started as a means of social and/or political commentary, many times as a form of activism. Street art can be just a pretty or ugly picture painted on the side of... Read More

Tiffany and I would like to give all of our crafters a free needle felted, panoramic, Easter egg tutorial. It's really easy to make by following our step-by-step, illustrated instructions. If you'd like to learn more about needle felting, you can go to our YouTube site for free crafting and... Read More

You may be wondering why Lullubee is writing about salt. Well, the last blog post I wrote was about one of our new house-warming-gift kits, Lullubee's French dish towel and rosemary-lemon salt kit. There is an art to many things in life, cooking being one of them; I've been taking cooking... Read More

I'm from the Mid-West and I fancy myself pretty friendly! I'm the kind of person who nods hello to people in my neighborhood, even if I don't know them. I volunteer and participate in my community because I like this sort of thing, so it goes without saying that if... Read More

Apr 15, 2013   |  1 comment

Watching Over Me

I miss the black, shiny Raven that always sat on my gate; he and a few of his friends were always sitting on the gate or the phone wires or the branches of the big tree that spilled into my yard. As I entered the big metal gate to my... Read More

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